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LCD Golf League

LCD Golf League News and Updates 2020

Hello Golfers and Fans,


Here’s our Committee for this 2020 LCDGL season. Jeff Pautler- Chairperson, Bart Kinney - Treasurer, TBA- Secretary, Jeff Pautler- Tee Times Booking, Carl Tilford- Golf Score Statistics League


New Entry fee:

$35 LCDGL (League Fee)

*Require pay LCD Membership

            55+ - $7.00

under 55 - $10.00

under 18  -  $5.00

Please pay to Bart Kinney, Treasurer


NEW: LCDGL will use the Handicap Index system. For an example your average score from last year was 102 then minus the Handicap Index 26. Your final score will be 76. Handicap Index 26 will be your number for the whole league. We hope this will be an enjoyable and a fairness game. Every golfers will received their Handicap Index number in April.


NEW: Still contest for long drive and close pit

Are you looking forward to play golf real soon, and have you warmed up yet? We hope you are ready for the tee off! Our 2020 schedule & Tee off is completed, you can go and see menu on the right. Join us and have fun playing golf! Your friends, they are welcome!



LCDGL Chairperson – Jeff Pautler

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