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     We're all about promoting, socializing & assisting the Deaf Community!

How London Club of the Deaf (LCD) was founded?

LCD is 58 years old. It started in March 1960 as “London Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children” (LADHH).

Then in the late 1979, LADHH asked “Western Ontario Deaf Club” (WOCD) and London Mission (LM) to join after LADHH purchased the Hall at 499 Hamilton Road. Current information, last year LCD sold the hall with a good reason and we have the funding to purchase a new hall when the time is right.

During the year of 1980, LM decided to leave our team. LADHH and WOCD agreed to amalgamate and become “London Centre for the Deaf”. Later on in 1996, our club name was changed again to “London Centre of the Deaf”.

Western Ontario Club of the Deaf (WOCD)’s 1954 – 1980 History:

This club started in 1954, at that time, this club was named “Skyway Deaf Club” (SDC) until 1965.

In 1966, they changed the club’s name to “Western Ontario Deaf Club” (WODC)

Also before 1966, “Oxford Deaf Club” (ODC) agreed with SDC to join WODC. (I am still researching it to gather more information about ODC).

During 1971, a new club called “London Deaf Club” (LDC) from a youth group (Again, I am still researching LDC to get more information). In 1972, WODC and LDC agreed to meet and to become “WOCD”.



LCD President and a proud LCD member

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